Our Approach

At Kautz Construction we pride ourselves in being large enough to handle most projects and still being small enough for upper management to know what's going on in the field and have an active role in project management. Some companies are qualified builders, but are limited in the services they can provide in terms of communication, design, scheduling, and cost control. Some companies are qualified managers, but lack the field experience necessary to solve problems on-site and ensure quality control. We offer the best of both worlds. The people managing, and building your project have a great deal of field experience, communication and organizational skills to ensure that all components come together to ensure quality work and a quality experience.

The company operates on the philosophy that attention to detail makes the difference in the quality outcome of a construction project. Whether a major commercial project or a smaller residential renovation, we strive to give each project the attention to detail it needs to make it unique. We do this by not taking on more projects than we can handle so our customers can expect our full attention to them and their project.

Our specialty is to accomplish our projects on time and with minimum disruption to the home or business owner's daily activities. For example, we have accomplished many major restaurant renovations inside and out without ever having to close a restaurant during the process. Simply put, we provide personal service, attention to detail, and minimal disruption to your daily activities.